Buss Data under new ownership – Full focus onto software

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With the beginning of February 2019, Buss Data GmbH, which has been operating for almost 20 years, is in new ownership as consequence of the acquisition of the ProNautas Group. Since February, René ten Brinke has been the sole managing partner of Buss Data GmbH and ProNautas GmbH. In this context, Buss Data has been focused on the development, adaptation and maintenance of software for shipping companies in the business segments Ocean and River, as well as corresponding consulting services. The Business Units IT Services and NaviCom Services, which were previously included of Buss Data, will be continued under the ProNautas brand with unchanged quality. “In this way, we want Buss Data’s clients to be supported by a software-focused team, and the additional activities to be continued and developed within the group in a more appropriate context,” says René ten Brinke.

New customer communication

Going forward,  Buss Data will provide the BUSS DATA NEWS FLASH, which informs our customers and other interested parties quickly about news on products and technologies, information on specialist articles, updates, appointments, etc. at Buss Data. In addition, there will be a customer event in Leer at least once a year.

Product Development Roadmap defined – Implementation in progress

Over the past few weeks, our team has been working hard to systematize our product roadmap, aligning development capacities with the respective application priorities. The planning horizon of the current roadmap will be until the end of 2020 and end with the Web transformation of MaintStar and OrderStar. Significant upcoming tasks are the complete transformation of our products to C # / .Net, the homogenization of the databases and the functionalities of MaintStar, OrderStar, DryDockStar and ClaimStar, the streamlining of applications like PierManager, FileStar and MMSStar and CrewStar, as well as the introduction of web and mobile functionalities. Below are a couple of important “completion milestones” for this year:

  • April 2019: Completion of the test phase MaintStar 4.0 office (river)
  • June 2019: CrewStar License Manager completed
  • July 2019: RouteStar MRV and various optimizations
  • September 2019: OrderStar 4.0 (ocean) based on C#
  • December 2019: Completion of the test phase OrderStar 4.0 (ocean)

The Head of Software Development, said, “Already throughout the past 18 months, we already invested more than 15,000 developer hours in updating and converting our platform. This roadmap provides our customers with a solid timeline for the availability of certain features in the applications.”

Staff News

Jörg Bontjer, the managing director of Buss Data GmbH for many years, left our company at the end of March 2019. René ten Brinke, Managing Partner and the entire Buss Data GmbH team, regret this step, thank Jörg Bontjer for the good work and wish him all the best for his further private and professional career.

With the beginning of February 2019, Buss Data GmbH, which has been operating for almost 20 years, is in new ownership as consequence of the…

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